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Welcome to Hipster Clothing Co.

We feel privileged to have you here, 'cause you could be anywhere in the world....

...but you came here to visit, in my behalf & my Family, we thank you.

Hipster exists because we want to make the world a little better starting right here in the Bay Area, by selling and buying designer recycled fashion of the highest quality. Clothing, shoes, accessories, purses you name it.

We want to do our part to minimize the number of textiles and clothing that end up in landfills & impact our environment negatively we want to be on purpose with our purpose.

By doing so, we all affect positive environmental change now and you get designer and fashion forward brands for less, looking good never felt better.

Then we decided to challenge the norm and  think forward, lead by example by setting new industry standards, like sanitizing & deodorizing clothes prior to selling. We wanted to create a place where friends come to shop, have fun and find amazing value in our goods.

To us it's not just a sale it's a way of life, we just happen to sell some cool recycled clothing.

We've gone around Philly, Boston, Washington DC, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, New York & all around the Bay to find the best brands for our customers. Like Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Obey, Juicy Couture, Cabie, Lulemon, Paige denim, Levi's, Vera Wang, Hermes, LV, as well as fashion forward brands such as J Crew, Armani Xchange, Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Express, Club Monaco and many more!


And now that you've found us let's connect on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and stay in the know by subscribing to our Style Blog.

Please tell your friends of this cool place you discover, where you belong to a tribe who love fashion made affordable and are making a positive move towards our environment and community together.

Hipster is what you make it


Welcome to our world

Jill, Viri & Martin.....WE are Hipster!

We Are Crazy about

Fashion & Style for all 

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