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Audrey Hepburn's comes to mind when looking at this beautiful Etienne Aignier's hand bag, envelope style classic 50's look, tan leather beautiful satin lined interior with Aignier's signature monogram, zippered coin pocket, 2 different compartments, exterior gold colored accents and Icon on front, leather shoulder strap included, it also comes with a beautiful hand held mirror for touch ups.

Etienne Aigniers Classic hand made leather handbag

$30.99 Regular Price
$27.89Sale Price
  • and since we buy in good faith from many different sources we can only say this hand bag appears to the best of our knowledge to be  authentic, we are NOT professional appraisers of designers bags, shoes or clothing, We do not promote or will resale "fake' or "knockoffs" please keep in mind when considering purchasing this or any other women's designers bags, all sales are AS IS and FINAL

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